1 out of 5 biopsies are inadequate.


Our mission is simple: save time for hospitals, clinicians, and patients.

Our immediate goal is to eliminate the need to repeat biopsies for diagnostic tissue collection. For each procedure, there is a 1 in 5 chance that the biopsy needle will miss its target or not collect enough tissue. This leads to thousands of patients having to undergo the procedure again--or worse, experience a misdiagnosis. This adds unnecessary stress on the patient, excess work for the clinician, and ultimately costs hospitals over $500,000 every year.


United States Cancer Rates


As patient populations continue to climb, the number of pathologists is projected to plummet.

By the year 2030, there will be 3 pathologists to every 100,000 patients in the United states. This represents a 25% reduction in the pathology workforce in little more than a decade.

Current numbers of pathologists completing training programs are substantially inadequate to
compensate for the numbers of pathologists retiring in the next decade and a half.
— Stanley J. Robboy, MD

Pathologists NEED a partner in the growing fight against cancer.

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Introducing Bioptic


- Reliable results in under a minute

- Standardized assessment 

- All data uploaded directly to the EHR

- Seamless integration into established workflows

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