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Michael Moore   

Founder & CEO

Michael is a second year medical student at the University of Michigan who founded MedKairos based on challenges he observed while working in the hospital. 


Andy Kozminski



Andy is a fourth year medical student simultaneously completing a masters of mechanical engineering. His focus is on completing clinical validation and securing FDA clearance

Business Advisory Board

Ralph Johnston

Ralph is a Serial Entrepreneur in the medical technology industry who has facilitated multiple exits in diagnostics. He previously oversaw the international sales of Pfizer. 

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Rodger Moore

Rodger is the VP of Inside Sales for Philips Healthcare. Over the past 33 years, he has developed extensive experience with direct sales to radiology and pathology departments. 

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David Olson, PhD

Dr. David Olson is a seasoned veteran of the life sciences industry with multiple exits with diagnsotic technologies. He has helped to raise more than $60M in Venture Capital investment.

Scientific Advisory Board


Mark Cohen, MD

Dr. Mark Cohen is an attending Endocrine Surgeon at the University of Michigan. Dr. Cohen also serves as the director of innovation for Michigan's Cancer Center and has founded six medical technology companies himself.

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