We now live in a world where most questions can be answered in a matter of seconds. Why is it that we still accept waiting for weeks before we get an answer to critical health concerns such as “Do I have cancer?” and “Which medications would be most effective for me?” MedKairos will bring these critical answers back into the patient’s room to give peace of mind or a plan of action–We are removing uncertainty from diagnostics.

Our mission is simple: save time for hospitals, clinicians, and patients.

Time is the single most valuable resource in the hospital setting. With additional constraints on physician’s time and an ever-expanding population of patients, this time becomes more limited daily. We are working tirelessly to introduce novel technologies into established workflows to bring the solutions that clinicians need.


Medicine is at a critical juncture between the apprenticeship style of the past and the computer aided future. We will be a part of that future.
— Michael Moore, CEO

What We've Achieved

  • 1st place in the Medical Innovation Shark Tank Competition
  • Winner of the UpRound Pitch Competition
  • Semi-Finalist at Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition
  • Filed two patents for IP security
  • Finalized prototype designs for clinical validation in Spring of 2018 
  • Accepted to VentureWell E-Teams and ASPIRE Programs
  • Accepted into the Ann Arbor SPARK Incubator 
  • Represented The University of Michigan at the Sling Health National Pitch Competition